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Reflections from an Indian Diary

is an exploration through the hills and across the plains, into the mentality and the psyche of India. John B. Murray writes with yogic detachment to interpret India through the lens of his own spiritual experience, probing its culture and the essence of Hindu, Buddhist and Christian thought in a manner that bridges the divide between East and West.

The narrative is punctuated with anecdotes that delight the reader - an encounter with Aung San Suu Kyi and her husband in Ladakh in the 1970s, and an interview with Bhagwan Sri Rajneesh before he became an international phenomenon come to mind. And one cannot forget the author's discussions with Tibetan Buddhist Rinpoches in mountain-top gompas, or the simple village woman in Rajasthan who sang her lyrical, devotional poems under the desert's night sky.

The Sydney Morning Herald

“This excellent book combines a deep knowledge of Indian history with wide reading, extensive travel and a wonderfully rich repository of anecdotes.”

Bharat Times

“(John B Murray’s) story-telling is compelling and absorbing. . . The author vividly recounts the insights from his many journeys along the ashram path.”

The Mercury – Hobart

“In a fascinating book that is at once a deeply personal spiritual statement, a brilliant tale of nostalgic journeys and a thoroughly researched commentary on contemporary Indian society, (the author) provides a vivid and enthralling portrayal of this unique country.”
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Available on DVD (from July '08)

The Plight of Tibet and the Dalai Lama
(Interviews with Tibetan Refugees)

Tibetan spiritual thought with its emphasis on love and compassion has been put to the strongest test by the Chinese invasion of Tibet. The Dalai Lama, other monks, nuns and laymen - rather than foreign commentators - describe the imprisonment without trial of Tibetans who have demonstrated for freedom, of their subsequent torture and sometimes, death. They also tell of the destruction of virgin old-growth forests by clear-felling, land being denuded and rivers silted up, the taking of natural gas, uranium and other precious metals, and the indiscriminate slaughter and loss of natural habitats to previously sacrosanct wildlife.

Produced and directed by John B. Murray
[The Plight of Tibet and the Dalai Lama was broadcast by ABC-TV in Australia first in 2000. Distributed in America on VHS.]

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PG [Parental Guidance Recommended: Themes of torture]
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John Murray has been a key figure in the renaissance of the Australian feature film industry. Refer to Senses of Cinema for his essays; The Genesis of The Naked Bunyip (1970), and The Genesis of Libido (1973) - a quartet of films directed by John B Murray, Tim Burstall, Fred Schepisi, and David Baker. (Unabridged versions of essays & stills available from the National Film and Sound Archive.)

The Naked Bunyip and Libido (and also We of The Never Never (1982), which Murray co-produced) have recently been released on DVD by, and are available from, Umbrella Entertainment.

You can read more about John Murray here.


The Genesis of The Naked Bunyip
The Genesis of Libido
Prelude to a Screening



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